Despite the growing trend to go “paperless” in our private lives, there remains a need for printed marketing materials in the corporate world. Companies rely on printed materials such as business cards, brochures, signage, promotional items, custom packages, training manuals, and more for marketing and branding purposes. In a global economy, these items are needed by marketing managers, directors, and VPs in locations across the world.

Of course, these printed materials don’t magically appear. Every piece needs to not only be printed and accounted for, but also transported to the tradeshow, training center, distributor meeting, etc. where it is needed. Who is handling these responsibilities? Is it an in-house marketer? Think about the time and resources they’re spending on producing these printed materials: printing, dealing with printers (and printer problems), counting copies, putting together binders and folders, ensuring quality and compliance, and moving these marketing materials around the world.

Is print the business they’re in? No, but it probably sure feels like it at times. There is a better option that removes the print burden from marketers, allowing them to focus on primary responsibilities: working with an outsourced global printing company.

A global printing company with access to an international printing network takes on printing and logistics responsibilities, acting as a partner that is invested in maintaining branding across the globe. Premium-grade, quality marketing materials are printed and delivered on time to customers, partners, and distributors no matter where their location may be.

In addition to saving time and cost associated with managing print logistics, outsourcing to a global printing partner is the “green” alternative to keeping print duties in-house. Utilizing local production and materials and drastically reducing shipping time (and associated gas emissions) is good for the environment, a factor that eco-conscious consumers are considering as they decide which businesses to work with.

Working with a global print company will yield many benefits. Marketers can rest easy knowing that their brand is protected and materials are being printed more efficiently, while having more time to dedicate to the marketing function, instead of the printing function.