When the need arises for professionally printed marketing and other business materials, what does your process look like? When print collateral is needed in-house, in one location, working with a local printer often makes sense. After all, you can easily pick up the items or have them shipped to the office for a minimal fee. However, within many organizations and industries, it’s hardly that simple. Organizations are working on a national or global scale, with offices, partners, distributors, and employees spread far and wide. When printed materials are needed at various locations across the world, what then?

Continuing to work with a hometown printer might still be possible, but it’s hardly efficient. Think about the time it takes to ship these materials to where they are needed. In some compliance heavy industries (medical, financial, pharmaceuticals, etc.) laws, restrictions, codes, or other mandates could change before the shipment even arrives, resulting in the printed materials becoming obsolete before they’re even used. In addition, think about the costs (and environmental factors such as gas emissions) associated with far distance shipping. It could take weeks for a shipment to arrive at the lowest cost or you’re paying a premium for shipments to arrive within a few days.

When high-quality printed materials are needed in multiple locations across the country, or the world, a better approach is to work with a global printing solutions provider; one vendor that can control all printing needs within its global printing network. Regardless of location, there is one simple process for ordering printed materials that ensures complete control over the project and brand. It’s more efficient and cost-effective than working with one local printer and dealing with shipping hassles and fees or working with different printers that could have different quality presses or materials, which could harm a brand. Working with one global printing provider streamlines the process, ensures quality, and reduces costs.

At AA Global Printing, we make it easy to plug into our global printing and logistics service. Clients can easily upload projects directly on our website, through a custom portal, via their own Intranet/DAM/MAM, or place an order using good old email. Click here to learn more about our ordering options.

The bottom line is this: printing across the globe can be just as easy as printing right in your hometown. There’s no need to overcomplicate it or pay ridiculous shipping fees to ensure that branded print materials are delivered when and where they are needed across the globe. Utilizing a global printing and logistics service means that all the heavy lifting is taken care of for you. All you need to do is tell us what to print!