The computer software industry is ever-changing and current industry trends such as SaaS, mobile, cloud, and big data are impacting how software companies market themselves and differentiate from the competition. Computer software is sold on a global scale, often by affiliates associated with specific geographic regions. At AA Global Printing, we offer a streamlined global printing solution that allows customized, high quality print materials to be delivered locally, allowing software providers to save time and money on shipping.

Printed marketing materials can be used for:

Sales meetings

Computer software sales professionals will conduct meetings with affiliates, vendors, and end-users in order to demonstrate the benefits of a software product and how it is better than competing products in an increasingly crowded market. Professional, high quality printed materials can help to convey brand and product value. Printed materials such as brochures, catalogues, data sheets, and signage can be printed locally, wherever a sales meeting occurs, in order to reduce costs.

Events and tradeshows

Events and tradeshows provide software providers with an opportunity to showcase software products to interested tech audiences. Since there is a lot of competition, it’s advisable to differentiate with a portfolio of professionally printed materials such as brochures, catalogues, data sheets, and signage. These materials can be printed locally, to eliminate the hassle of bringing them with you and the high costs associated with shipping them far distances to the event locations.

And more!

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