AA Global Printing makes it easy to plug into our global printing and logistics services. If you’d like to place an order with us, you have the following options:

Our website: On our homepage, simply click on the “upload” tab in the top-level navigation, fill in the details of your project, upload the file, and submit.

Custom, branded portal: Our team can launch your own branded portal. Your domestic and international end users, distributors, resellers, and marketing teams can access a user-friendly portal that displays your corporate brand and find digital print assets ready for production at one of our 24 global locations. You control your brand in international markets just as easily as you do at your corporate site.

White label: Available to graphic designers and marketing agencies who want to broaden the services they offer to their own clients. AA Global Print is your silent partner powering the back end of your service. We don’t need to take any credit. You are our client and we want to make you look good!

Your own Intranet/DAM/MAM: Perhaps you’ve already created/purchased your own internal environment that organizes and controls various marketing assets used in the field. We simply accept a file pushed from your system to ours. After all the work you’ve put into managing and protecting your brand, let AA Global Print’s vetted, global printing environment ensure the integrity of your assets right through to the “last mile.”

Email: There’s no need to complicate things – good old email works just fine if you’d like to place an order! If you only print sporadically and would simply like to send an email with instructions and files attached, then be our guest. Please email us at orders@aaglobalprint.com.

If you have any questions about placing a global print order, please call 617-581-0741 or visit our Contact Us page.