Most companies don’t have the extra space in their office needed to store long run printed items. It also doesn’t make financial sense to store mass quantities of printed materials in one location, if they are being used in, and shipped to, multiple locations across the globe. Paper is heavy and every mile counts. At AA Global Printing, we offer clean, secure, and environmentally controlled international warehouse services for large volumes of printed materials.

International warehousing and distribution of printed materials is the cost-effective alternative to storing materials in-house and shipping them far distances to where they are needed. Long or short term warehousing is available and the service is scalable, ensuring that clients are only paying for the space they need, when they need it. Since every company has different storage and warehousing needs, we develop a customized warehousing solution.

Printed materials stored in one of our international warehouses are ready to ship whenever they are needed and are shipped locally, reducing shipping costs and delivery time.

To learn more about our international warehousing of printed materials call 617-581-0741 or visit our Contact Us page.