In many industries, event marketing is an important way to generate brand awareness and speak to both current and potential customers. Professional quality signage is necessary at these trade events, since banners, posters, and other custom signage helps to convey brand messaging and can be used to make the company stand out in a crowd. At AA Global Printing, we offer global large format digital printing services to meet all trade show needs.

Trade events can take place anywhere in the world. Our global printing solution eliminates the high costs associated with shipping printed trade show materials long distances and the hassles of traveling with these large, cumbersome materials. Wide format printing jobs can be completed locally with one of our global printing partners near where the event is taking place and delivered right to the event space at minimal cost.

Trade event signage including banners and posters are printed in color using high quality materials and can be produced for both indoor and outdoor use. Printing locally allows for more flexibility and these materials can easily be customized for each specific event.

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