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Arguably more than ever before, product packaging matters. Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising all day every day, whether they are using their phones, walking down the street, or driving on the highway. Due to this inundation, it is all too easy for consumers to walk through the store and mindlessly purchase the same items they always do. Great packaging, though, can catch their eyes and ultimately persuade them to change brands. Here, you’ll discover some of the biggest consumer packaging trends for the second decade of the 21st century. 

1) Packaging that reduces or eliminates waste

With increasing frequency, modern consumers care about the amount of waste packaging produces. As a whole, shoppers are becoming averse to anything that must be thrown away rather than recycled and love products that are crafted with little to no waste in mind. This does not, however, mean they don’t want the same information that is available on conventional packages. Brands must simultaneously focus on reducing waste, while still providing their buyers with pertinent information, such as package size, ingredient information, and other key facts. 

2) Packaging that is environmentally friendly

Going hand-in-hand with packaging that eliminates waste, consumers also care about packaging that is environmentally friendly. Molded paper cartons instead of plastic, for example, are a great option for companies that are looking to go green. Modern shoppers also care about choosing packaging that is free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

3) Packaging for online ordering

Nearly all modern consumers place online orders at least occasionally. Many purchase half or more of their household goods on the internet. This means brands have to adapt their packaging for shipping. Two things are crucial: durability and size. Durability is, of course, essential because shipping companies won’t necessarily be careful with all of the boxes and envelopes they deal with on a daily basis. Size, too, is significant because shoppers don’t want to feel like they are paying extra shipping charges for excess bubble wrap and other packing products; manufacturers must streamline to be successful.

4) Packaging should have minimalist labels

While it was once faddish for packages to feature as much information as possible, “quality over quantity” is the new trend. “Clean” labels that showcase a brand’s commitment to simple ingredients, humanitarian or environmental causes and passion for creating high-quality goods are what really matter to today’s shoppers. People don’t have time to sort through lots of label text; they want to see important information quickly and easily. 

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The best way to revamp your brand’s packaging is, of course, to know your customers. Some companies find that market research is key to creating packages their clients will love, while others already have a good idea of what they need to do to further appeal to their target audiences. The more you do to set your brand apart; the more likely people are to notice you when they shop. Call AA Global Printing today to help set your brand apart!

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