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Nothing reflects great retail merchandise like great packaging and printing. Choosing a packaging option may seem complicated, but rigid boxes are always the answer. From unrivaled structural integrity to endless exterior design opportunities, rigid boxes hold their own in the packaging world and are ideal for brands and retailers.

Shoppers Interact With and Buy More Products in Rigid Boxes

The first thing a potential customer touches is a product’s packaging. It’s no wonder why luxury brands most often use rigid boxes for their packaging printing needs. Brands know that a customer not only wants their products, they also want a well-rounded experience throughout the journey of buying a product to bringing it home and using it. After having seen a products luxury rigid packaging, the shopper will want to pick it up for further inspection. Well-made rigid boxes often lead a customer to a satisfying touch sensation, making the alluring packaging synonymous to the high-quality product. 

Each enjoyable sensation will have created an emotional journey for the customer engaging with the product and its rigid boxing. From discovering the product to unboxing it at home, rigid boxes create an experience like no other for any customer. 

Structural, Rigid Boxes Protect Retail Products 

The structural integrity of rigid boxes not only enhances the customer’s experience, it protects the retail merchandise during shipping or transportation of any kind. The high-quality material used in rigid boxing is designed for style and function; the sturdy exterior and secure-fitting lid serve for a snug fit with room to decorate. Rigid boxing boxes can be created with custom inserts using various materials to protect whatever is inside while maintaining a sleek structure.

Rigid Boxes Are Used For Presentation and Display Pieces

Rigid boxed packaging is often used for presentation and display pieces in retail stores everywhere. With international printing on rigid boxes, the packaging will not only display the item being sold but the company’s logo or the boxes external design. The internal design can also feature high-quality inserts such as cushions or silk to help the product seem more luxurious, or it can use reflective material to enhance the item. The appealing presentation factor helps further create an emotional bond with the customer and the product.

Rigid Boxes Offer Extensive Opportunity For External Design

Rigid boxes high-quality construction allows for a variety of surface materials and textures without collapsing or damaging the structural integrity. We offer international printing which can be used for company/brand logos and printed design elements. There are also customization options including the use of leather, linens, silk, wood-paneling, velvet, and a mix of other materials. 

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