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Boston MA is one of the famous cities in the world, first named after some of its first residents came over from Boston, England and decided to keep the name. It is home to the first ever subway station built in 1897 and the first ever chocolate factory in the United States built in 1765 by Walter Baker.

If you’ve ever heard of the John Hancock Tower in Boston Back Bay, then you certainly know how it towers over the city and is a staple of modern architecture for the entire city. What many people do not know is that it also helps let residents know about the upcoming weather. A series of colored lights reside on the top of the building and let you know if it's going to rain, snow, be cloudy, or if there are blue skies ahead. If you ever travel to Boston and see the tower, remember this poem: Steady blue, clear view: Flashing blue, clouds due. Steady red, storms ahead. Flashing red, snow instead.

Some of the main attractions that Boston offers are the Boston Aquarium, the Museum of Science, Faunal Hall, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Pops and the Boston Common (our “Central park”) and various sporting events including the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins games at TD Garden and Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park. Boston has fun for people of all ages included family fun as well as plenty of nightlife options for when the sun goes down.

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AA Global Printing brings the world of print to your doorstep with just a phone call or email! With full-service print shops, concierge service, and a dedicated global network, AA Global Printing gives you connections from Boston, MA to anywhere in the world. Whether you need business cards mass produced in Chicago or large-scale posters printed in Beijing, we do the work for you from the second you put your order in until the job is complete. Check out some of the services we offer:

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•    Print fulfillment

My Boston – A Personal Perspective from Aron Blume

I particularly am drawn to the many levels of cultural diversity one finds in the city of Boston and its surroundings. From the ethnic neighborhoods of the North End, Chinatown and Southie to Beacon Hill and the stately mansions of Brookline and BC, from the “Brahmins” of academia and Captains of industry to the salt-of-the-earth working-class professionals and artisans, teachers and fire-crews. From the artists of Fort Point to the financiers of State Street. From Hi-tech, Bio-tech and Pharma research to the small workshops and manufacturing plants like our printers. The narrow “cow paths” of the Back Bay to the “Big Dig” tunnels that let you traverse the city in minutes. All these come together in a wicked-crazy cocktail that somehow makes sense. . . . to us Bostonians at least.

Fun factoid: Why is Boston called “Beantown”? Beans slow-baked in molasses have been a favorite Boston dish since colonial days, when the city was awash in molasses due to its rum-producing role in the West Indies trade. Sugar cane harvested in the West Indies was shipped to Boston to be made into rum and molasses. Somehow molasses got into someone’s baked bean pot (perhaps they thought they were pouring in rum) and the dish took off and spread like wildfire throughout the colony.  Been a local favorite ever since.