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While it’s true that the business world has gone digital, it doesn’t mean that online marketing has completely replaced traditional forms of marketing, such as print marketing. Print marketing remains an effective strategy and despite what some may say, is far from being “dead.” Need proof? Check out these stats gathered by directmailingcenter.com:

· More than half of all consumers, 56% to be exact, trust print marketing more than any other advertising method.

· 7 out of 10 Americans report that they find direct mail advertising more personal than online ads.

· More than 3 out of 4 small businesses use both print marketing and online efforts combined.

· Approximately 2 out of 5 consumers will check out a new business after receiving print marketing from the company.

· More than 90% of younger consumers who shop on a regular basis prefer print marketing when they are researching products and making important decisions on purchasing.

· Print marketing is preferred by an average of 73% of consumers.

· Companies who use direct mail advertising get a 13 to 1 return on their investment.

Given these statistics, the companies that aren’t investing in print marketing are missing out on huge branding opportunities. Print remains an essential marketing tool, even in the digital world. Bringing a product or service to life digitally is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Nothing highlights a product or service better than a beautiful, commercial grade piece of print that conveys professionalism and can help separate a company from its competitors. There truly is no substitute for a beautiful piece of print.

In addition, print marketing has a lasting quality. Whereas an email can easily be ignored or deleted, 98% of the population opens their physical mailbox every day which is why direct mail advertising is so effective. Almost half of the people who receive print marketing in the mail will keep these items for future reference. Print materials will hang around the office long after a digital file has been deleted.

Print is a half-trillion-dollar global business and it isn’t going anywhere. However, how print marketing is handled and how print materials are moved around the world is certainly evolving. Gone are the days of printing materials locally and spending unnecessary time and money shipping them across the globe to where they need to be. Working with a global printing company that prints locally while ensuring quality and brand consistency eliminates that hassle and associated costs.