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There are many things to consider when doing business on an international scale. International regulations and customs can be complex and it’s a lot for marketers to keep track of. Global printing shouldn’t be one more thing to worry about, which is why outsourcing all of the global printing process to one trusted vendor is the way to go. Here are 4 key benefits of having only one global printing vendor relationship:

Control of the process from A-Z

No matter what global printing services are needed (POD, offset, large format, packaging, warehousing, or fulfillment), using one vendor makes things much easier from an organizational perspective. There’s no question about who is responsible for what, vendors aren’t left waiting for each other to complete a project, and there is no confusion about who to call if there is a question. Working with multiple printing vendors can become cumbersome and confusing. A global printing solutions provider does the hard work by connecting you to a vetted, international network of certified production facilities and overseeing the print project from initial conversations through completion.

One dedicated customer service rep

Working with one vendor and one dedicated customer service rep means that one person can answer any question you might have throughout the printing process. It’s much easier to maintain one print vendor relationship and establish a rapport with one customer service rep who truly cares about your company, rather than multiple vendors throughout the global supply chain. There’s no need to worry about keeping track of who is responsible for each piece of the puzzle since it’s all handled under one roof. The customer service rep is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and delivery of all print materials, which drastically simplifies the management of international projects.

Ensure brand consistency across all projects

When you work with multiple print vendors, you run the risk of losing control of your brand since not all print jobs are created equal. Working with one global printing vendor who takes care of your brand by delivering premium-grade, quality marketing materials ensures that all messaging is accurate and consistent throughout the entire print procurement experience.

Cost savings

Working with one global printing vendor and a trusted partner network to print materials near where they are needed, as opposed to paying to have them shipped internationally, saves money, manpower hours, and other valuable resources.

When one global printer is responsible for 100% of the successful delivery of a print project, it makes it easy to control print production and distribution around the world.