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Why deal with global printing hassles when you don't need to?

There are many challenges associated with being a global company: you’re dealing with different time zones, cultures, languages, business laws, and more. There are many facets to global marketing, but print remains a critically important component of the marketing mix across the world. Professionally printed marketing materials not only educate and inform, but also help to establish a brand identity across the globe.

In an effort to maintain control, many global companies will handle printing in house in one or a few locations and then ship printed marketing materials to where they need to go. However, there’s a lot wrong with that approach and it’s essentially a way to lose control, especially if volume increases. Hassles associated with this approach include:

Warehousing costs

Large, global corporations print a lot of materials. If it’s printed in one location and then shipped out, it also needs to be warehoused which requires additional resources. In addition, the responsibility of keeping track of these materials and shipping them out when needed often falls to the marketing department. Is this really the best use of their time?

Shipping costs

Shipping printed marketing materials long distances results in both financial and environmental costs. Long-distance shipping is associated with harmful emissions. In addition, shipping long distances takes time, meaning that printed materials need to be printed far in advance, which can result in obsolescence.


Shipping delays happen. Cross border and customs issues can occur and weather-related shipping delays are always a risk. These are things you have absolutely no control over.

These problems are quite obvious, but so many companies are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s actually quite easy to eliminate these global printing hassles – if you’re working with the right company.

At AA Global Printing, our clients can quickly and easily create one global print hub. No matter where they’re located, they’re just a few clicks away from printing professional grade quality printed materials in locations across the globe. It’s that easy.