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Print materials remain an important component of a company’s branding efforts. Professionally printed brochures, flyers, postcards, manuals, decals, posters, banners, guides, workbooks, stationery, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and more all serve an important purpose within an organization. On a global scale, these materials are used for marketing, training, and service/support. Companies are making the investment in global printing efforts; however, many can’t tell you exactly how much they’re spending.

When a company doesn’t know what they’re spending on print, it’s due to an inefficient printing process and supply chain. Multiple people and companies are involved which makes it more difficult to accurately track spend and related labor costs. The question is, why are so many companies complacent with this? Would they be OK with not knowing exactly how much is spent on advertising campaigns or employee training? Very doubtful.

We believe that it’s important to track global print spending to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible, which is why our global printing services include clear, easy analytics and reporting that is all easily accessed via an online account. It allows clients to quickly understand where money is being spent on print across the entire globe (and who is spending it) since only one global printing vendor is used.

Each of our global printing clients is set up with a custom, branded online portal in which domestic and international end-users, distributors, resellers, marketing teams, and other users can access a user-friendly portal that displays the corporate brand and find digital print assets ready for production at one of our global locations. The client is able to control the brand in international markets just as easily as at the corporate site.

Keeping all global printing efforts “under one roof” allows management to sign in and track all print spend quickly and easily. Having access to this data in real-time allows organizations to properly allocate budget towards print and ensure that it is spent as efficiently as possible.

Learn more about our streamlined global printing supply chain here: http://www.aaglobalprint.com/what-we-do/