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We have all heard the saying, "marketing has gone digital" but how true is that? Though digital media might cast a wide net, the net doesn't have the largest ROI. One only needs to look at how banner ads and pre-roll video ads are so often overlooked to see that a purely digital campaign isn't always the best option for your business. Aside from the lack of impressions and conversions, there is also a high likelihood that your consumer target is using ad blocking software on their browser. The internet also has a problem with trends being born and dying almost immediately. What was innovative today, may be obsolete tomorrow. So if a purely digital campaign is not the best way to get conversions, where does print marketing fit in? There are a few compelling reasons to keep your print campaign budget.

1. Print Ads Have a Higher Retention Rate

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to remember something they read in a print advertisement instead of a digital one. People tend to read slower in paper format and read with more focus than how they read online. This is mainly because of the over-saturation of the digital medium.

2. Print is More Likely to Convert

Evidence in recent marketing research has shown that a consumer feels like they have connected more with a print ad than a digital one. Physical mail comes across as more personal than digital mail, and it is perceived as easier to delete an email without reading the subject than throw away printed mail without reading the first page. Overall, a consumer will spend more time with printed advertisements than they will with a digital counterpart.

3. Print Works Well in Tandem with Digital

Having a diverse marketing campaign has a synergetic effect. When it comes to digital advertisements, studies show that consumers are less likely to ignore an ad if they remember that brand name from a print advertisement they saw within the same month. Using a combination of techniques is the best way to promote brand awareness.

4. Print Doesn't Get Old

Oversaturation on television and especially on the internet has a direct correlation to negative feelings towards a brand in consumers. If a consumer feels they keep seeing the same ads online or on television, an ad they loved the first time becomes increasingly stale and annoying upon repeated viewings. However, print ads have shown to have a longer shelf life than digital ads because they are perceived as less intrusive and less mandatory. Because digital ads are often used as gates before a user can listen to music or watch the show they want to see, there is a sense the ads are holding the user hostage which makes repetitive ads more offensive. Ironically spending more on digital can have adverse effects on your target audience.

AA Global Printing

Keeping print ads in circulation is necessary to keep consumers interested in your brand. Print ads are less likely to be ignored and less likely to create a negative feeling towards a brand. When it comes to working with a print campaign, using a reliable and responsive printing company is vital to the success of your ads. You want a company that will work with you to ensure that your campaign is successful from start to finish.  At AA Global Printing, you get all that with the added bonus of international printing services as well as international storage of materials to protect your investment. Call AA Global Printing at (617) 581-0744 today!