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Online advertisement has grown over the years, but print ads can’t be just as effective. A great looking design can make a statement in print form just as it can in online format. You can emerge from the advertising clutter with print advertising that is memorable and appealing to your target audience with the right concept, creativity and design. Here are some useful tips and tricks for print advertising that you could get your advertisement noticed.

Use the Fold

Creative advertising can cause an audience to take a second glance and the is exactly what using the fold in print advertising can do. In the fold of a page, you can share information about your business and promote salient messages to your customers and prospects. The fold can be used as part of the design. For example, if the advertisement is about fitness, the gatefold can be used to highlight an exercise, such as an athlete doing crunches when the page opens and close.

Incorporate Animals in Messaging

Many people love animals, and you can use them to draw your audience’s attention and stir their emotions. Let the animal be the star of your print advertising piece. Use a dog, for example to be the voice of your slogan, where it appears as though it is speaking directly to your intended audience.

Tell Stories

Storytelling in print advertising can be very effective in engaging a specific audience. A good story can attract attention, inspire and compels a person to take action. A story can be about a product, service or the customer. Words can play on the emotions, connect and convey a powerful message.

Keep it Simple

While extravagant imagery can definitely enhance a print advertisement, but going simple can be just as effective. Using a single image and a single idea in your ad can make your message easy to digest even if the concept. This can give the ad a greater chance of appealing to a broader range of people. Keeping things simple, both in terms of message and design, can make a remarkable ad.

Show, Don’t Tell

The simple idea behind “show, don’t tell” is that when you can simply show something, never waste time explaining it. This general rule is particularly useful in advertising. For example, if advertising a flavored water, rather than explaining that it tastes like peach, render the juice jug in the shape of a peach.

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Your print advertising doesn’t have to be dull and unappealing. There are unique tips and tricks that you can apply in your design and messaging that can let your print advertising stand out. Do make use of the folds, tell a story and keep things simple.

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