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 A primary challenge in the electronics industry is to keep up with shifting consumer preferences, which results in a short and costly product lifecycle. Electronics manufacturers are investing in expensive prototypes, development kits, and modules while ensuring FCC compliance. To increase profit margins, manufacturing of electronics is often moved offshore, creating a global supply chain. At AA Global Printing, our global printing solutions are designed to cut costs while meeting the needs of electronics manufacturers targeting tech-savvy consumers.

Printed materials can be used for:

Sales meetings

The electronics market is crowded, which means that brands need to go above and beyond in order to differentiate their products to tech-savvy customers. High quality printed marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, and data sheets are necessary during the sales process in order to tell the brand and product story to targeted audiences and influencers.

Events and tradeshows

The electronics industry relies on real-market feedback in order to determine which products should go to market or what improvements need to be made to products before going to market, which is why event and tradeshow marketing is so important. Electronics manufacturers can reduce trade show costs by printing marketing materials such as catalogues, banners, and branded promotional items locally.

Distributor presentations

Electronics distributors can utilize printed materials such as brochures, catalogs, and data sheets in order to educate retailers, resellers, and end-users about new electronics equipment on the market. Because each product’s lifecycle can be relatively short, these materials can be printed in small quantities where they are needed, reducing waste associated with outdated materials.