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A primary challenge faced by the mechanical and industrial engineering industry is that products and services can be complicated and therefore, difficult to communicate. Printed marketing materials that might include drawings, blueprints, and data sheets are essential in order to demonstrate value to target audience members. Mechanical and industrial engineers are often working out of multiple offices and in some cases, on a global scale. At AA Global Printing, we offer a streamlined global printing process that allows engineering and technology companies to save money while generating awareness and demand in technical markets.

Sales meetings

Complex mechanical and industrial engineering products and services must be explained professionally and succinctly during sales meetings. Since equipment and services can be costly, decision makers will likely meet with sales representatives multiple times before making a purchase. During a sales pitch, a representative typically needs printed materials such as catalogues, data-sheets, product manuals, safety guidelines, and more that a decision maker can not only review during the meeting but take with them to study further.

Events and tradeshows

Before engineering or manufacturing a new product, a firm must have a clear understanding of target audience needs, which is why getting out and meeting potential buyers at events and tradeshows is so critical in the industry. In addition, complex industrial products can be demonstrated at events. Costs associated with presenting at a tradeshow add up quickly, which is why it’s advisable to utilize a global printing solution in order to cut down on associated costs. Marketing materials such as brochures, catalogues, data sheets, and signage can be created near the event space, reducing shipping costs and eliminating the hassle of traveling with them.

Distributor presentations

Distributors are responsible for educating retailers, resellers, and end-users about mechanical and industrial engineering products and services and can also be responsible for training them how to use it properly. They must have access to high-quality, printed materials such as product specs, sell sheets, catalogues, and training manuals wherever their meetings/presentations occur. 

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