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The pharmaceuticals industry must adhere to strict regulations and is held to a high compliance standard. Since legislative changes that affect the industry can occur at any time, printed materials can quickly become outdated. In addition, printed materials are often customized, since regulations can vary drastically by geographic region. At AA Global Printing, we hold ourselves to the same high standards and offer a global printing solution that allows the pharma industry to produce customized, high-quality, up-to-date, and compliant printed marketing materials in local markets, eliminating costs associated with materials that are at risk of becoming obsolete.

Printed marketing materials can be used for:

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are costly, which is why it’s important to be as cost effective as possible when printing materials that are associated with them. Printed materials should be customized and cater to a specific audience and their needs, including physicians, prescribers, payers, healthcare providers, formulary decision makers, or other key opinion leaders. Clinical trials can occur in multiple locations, and our global printing solution ensures that each location has easy access to personalized printed materials including wire-o bound booklets, postcards, info sheets, and other promo items.


Education plays a large role in pharmaceutical sales. Sales professionals must present results of clinical trials and the benefits of their drug to high level decision makers. Our global printing service allows pharmaceutical sales representatives to print high quality, up to date, promotional materials that are customized to a specific market’s needs in a location that is close to where the presentation is given.

Direct mailings

It is common for pharmaceutical companies to send promotional mailings to medical offices that outline results of clinical trials and the benefits of a drug. Because regulations vary by region, it is more efficient to print these customized direct mailers in the region in which they will be mailed.

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