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Industrial Automation

Industrial products are complex and typically involve a long sales cycle, which makes print materials that can properly convey elaborate specifications to knowledgeable buyers and buyer teams of the utmost importance. In addition, industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service providers are focused on going lean; increasing revenue by reducing waste. At AA Global Printing, we assist those in the industrial industry by offering efficient, streamlined, and sustainable global print solutions that reduce costs while providing excellent customer service, allowing industrial companies to focus on their core competencies.

Printed marketing materials can be used for:

Sales meetings

Industrial buyers carefully analyze complex products to determine what the benefits and long term ROI of a purchase will be. Sales meetings must accurately convey the technical data that’s needed. In some cases, it’s highly customized. Comprehensive product catalogs, components catalogs, drawings, data-sheets, manuals, safety guidelines, other printed collateral are necessary during sales meetings with industrial buyers. 

Events and tradeshows

Tradeshow and event marketing is important in the industrial automation sector, providing industrial companies with the opportunity to showcase products and demonstrate how they will help prospective buyers. There are many costs associated with presenting at industrial industry trade shows, which is why it makes sense to outsource printing in order to minimize trade show spend. Marketing materials such as catalogues, banners, and branded promotional items can be created near the event space, reducing shipping costs or the hassle of bringing the materials with you.

Distributor presentations

Distributors are responsible for educating retailers, resellers, and end-users about industrial automation equipment and can also be responsible for training them on how to use it properly. They must have access to high-quality, printed materials such as product specs, sell sheets, catalogues, and training manuals wherever their meetings/presentations occur. 

And more!

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