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Companies must adapt to changing market conditions and are turning to external and internal training resources to prepare their employees for the challenges to come. The rise in demand has resulted in an increase in consulting and training firms, which means that training companies must present themselves professionally on all fronts in order to stand out from the competition. At AA Global Printing, we support training firms on a global scale by printing professional, high-quality branded materials when and where they are needed, eliminating costs associated with shipping and storage.

Printed materials can be used for:

Course collateral

Trainers require printed materials such as handouts, training manuals, 3 ring binders, table tents, banners, and business cards for the seminars given in classrooms or other workspaces at companies across the globe. Global training companies take a customized approach to training depending on where they are located, since local customs, religions, etc. might dictate course material. Our global printing solution allows these companies to print customized materials wherever a training session occurs.

Employee training

How employees are trained has been proven to contributes towards long term success and employee retention within the organization. Professionally printed employee training materials such as manuals, binders, and handouts help to convey the right tone with employees at the onset of employment and on an ongoing basis and can be printed near training facilities.


Events allow companies the opportunity to speak and present their expertise to existing and potential clients. It’s worthwhile to bring materials including banners and business cards to such events. Printing these materials near the event space saves valuable time and resources.

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