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 Manufacturers face a complex, global supply chain and are increasingly pressured to reduce costs and their carbon footprint. At AA Global Printing, we assist manufacturers on both of these fronts by providing efficient and eco-friendly global printing solutions wherever marketing materials are needed within the supply chain. Printed marketing materials still play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, educating sales representatives, dealers, suppliers, and end-users while also strengthening brand recognition. Our global print network allows marketing collateral to be printed wherever it is needed, across the globe.

Printed marketing materials can be used for:

Sales meetings

The decision to purchase a piece of machinery or other manufacturing equipment isn’t made lightly. Decision makers often have multiple meetings with sales representatives before making a purchase. During a sales pitch, a representative typically needs printed materials such as catalogues, data-sheets, product manuals, safety guidelines, and more that a decision maker can not only review during the meeting but take with them to study further.

Events and tradeshows

Tradeshow marketing remains a top priority of many manufacturers who want the opportunity to display their equipment and/or speak directly to manufacturing buyers. Presenting at a trade show can be costly, which is why it’s in the best interest of a manufacturer to utilize a global printing solution in order to cut down on associated costs. Marketing materials such as catalogues, banners, and branded promotional items can be created near the event space, reducing shipping costs or the hassle of bringing the materials with you.

Distributor presentations

Distributors are responsible for educating retailers, resellers, and end-users about manufacturing equipment and can also be responsible for training them how to use it properly. They must have access to high-quality, printed materials such as product specs, sell sheets, catalogues, and training manuals wherever their meetings/presentations occur. 

And more!

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